Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eggs Benedict or Jesus?

WaiterRant has started doing some "Ask the Waiter" style blog entries. His latest is from a guy who writes:

"Dear Waiter,
Over the past year, my girlfriend and I have forsaken going to church in favor of the other American Sunday morning ritual—brunch..."

AHA! A Sunday morning ritual: brunch in lieu of church. Interesting...

Not that I go to church much anymore but when I did as a JW, it was quite an ordeal to get my sister and I out of bed. I'd much rather go in the evenings then in the mornings. So yes, brunch over church on Sunday mornings any day!

Nowadays, brunch on Sundays is probably one of the few "rituals" I have with my friends. (Although since one of the key players often doesn't get home until 5 am and another has a predilection for sleeping until 1 pm, the brunching usually doesn't happen in the mornings; so I guess its more like... lunner? dunch? Hmm.) We'll generally go to Stella's, but sometimes we mix it up with Baked Ex or Cora's or The Nook or The Pancake House. I've noticed that Winnipeg suffers from a deficit of quality all-day breakfast spots. I mean, Stella's has great atmosphere and their French toast and cinnamon buns are awesome but their omelettes aren't the greatest and their hash browns are awful (just ask Colin).

But anyways, go and read the Waiter's response to the letter - its pretty hilarious.


Elliot said...

Yeah, I like to have brunch on Sunday mornings too... THE BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST, THAT IS!! :-P

Well, to be honest, I haven't been to a full-on in-church church service for a month and a half at least, so yeah. Brunch is good too. And I think there are religious grounds for doing so, particularly if you're with friends or family. It's communion. And think of the resurrected Christ roasting up fish in the early morning for his friends. He'd love to go for brunch, I betcha.

Anactoria said...

I'm glad my brunching is religiously justified. I'll tell that to my parents if they ever ask. ;)

And yeah, you're right - Jesus would have chosen the Benedict. After all, it is named after a saint?

Um, right...?



Elliot said...

Either St. Benedict or Benedict Arnold. Probably the latter!

Anactoria said...

According to Wiki, it turns out it was neither!