Monday, September 11, 2006

Just to keep track of things...

Eve has responded to my earlier post (which touched on original sin and homosexuality) on her blog - here.

As always, its an interesting read but part of it tells me we are still not on the same page (understanding-wise).

Or actually, maybe we are, because when Eve says...
"In order to figure out if something is okay to do, you can't just ask whether people who seem like good upstanding citizens (according to some culture or subculture's definition of "good"!) want to do it."
... I am in agreement.

However, the fact that Eve thinks that I would disagree with the logic in that statement tells me I haven't presented my thoughts as clearly as I would like.

But that's okay; this is a good challenge for me as I often spew out ideas without thinking them through clearly enough. (Zip it, Elliot!)

So, it may take me a few days but I plan on writing a post that 1) goes back to the original question I had asked on Elliot's blog * (which may seem like an annoying repetition but isn't meant to be as I really don't think its been fully answered; however, I am also willing to accept that it may never be) and 2) clarifies my position on why I am... pro-gay.

I may also delve into the question of whether or not a Christian and a non-Christian can ever truly find a common reasoning ground but that may be a topic that is over my head! :P

*Anactoria said...

Her position has always really disturbed me.

Does her choice of inaction mean that she believes god would condemn any action on her part towards her lesbian desires? Since her sexuality is part of her, like it or not, does that mean she abhors a part of herself? Or believes that god does?

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Elliot said...

I'm not sure if ANY two people whose presuppositions differ can ever find a common reasoning ground! :-) Isn't that one of the insights of postmodernism?

You do see to agree with at least two Christians - Rose & Rock and Noli Irritare Leones.