Friday, September 08, 2006

Something old and something new...

An older, excellent post (one of my all time favorites) from Rose and Rock on whether who one desires is a matter of choice (relating to homosexuality)

I particularly like this thought and there really will have to be some kind of a post here on bisexuality soon (if you're reading, do please read the entire R&R post so as to get the full context):

"Sexuality is so complicated that I think we have to concede that desire exists along a continuum, when we speak of what is given to us; what we actually have control over is a much smaller continuum. If you’re like me, you desire women; if you’re gay, you desire people of the same sex; if you’re bisexual, you desire both and can “choose” one or the other; but all of us find it exceptionally difficult, perhaps even impossible, to change what we discover early on in life, so long as we’ve been open to its discovery and not repressing it. A bisexual person can choose to have sex with only one gender, but cannot choose to desire only one gender, and can make a “choice” in behavior only because restricting your sexual appetite to one gender does not force you into celibacy."

I also like R&R's use of this Aquinas quote:

"First, the truth of Scripture must be held inviolable. Secondly, when there are different ways of explaining a Scriptural text, no particular explanation should be held so rigidly that, if convincing arguments show it to be false, anyone dare to insist that it still is the definitive sense of the text. Otherwise unbelievers will scorn Sacred Scripture, and the way to faith will be closed to them."

And as for the 'something new'...

"Sex is powerful, sex is important, sex is profound, sex matters": from Noli Irritare Leones


Elliot said...

I like Noli Irritare Leones' post. Well, I like 'em both.

I like what she says about ignoring hetrosexual failings. It reminds me of what someone said about gay marriage supposedly bringing down the standard of straight marriage - he said, straight people have already done a good job that all by themselves! Look at celebrity marriages, or Elvis-impersonator wedding chapels.

And I like what she said about recognizing that people need to give up things in their lives that don't always make sense to everybody else. That rings true. We all have our demons, though as she points out, they can be transformed into angels.

Anactoria said...

Yep, I've heard that argument too. Basically that the sanctity of marriage has already been lost (or devalued) due to the huge number of divorces in the Western world alone.

But I don't think its a very logical argument for gay marriage OR for proving that marriage has lost its sanctity.

Just because we're failing in marriage doesn't mean that the meaning/worth of marriage has lessened. It doesn't follow.

Anyway, you'll know what I mean.

Elliot said...