Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bad civics

I forgot to vote (well, I didn't get a voter registration card and I forgot to call in about it) on Tuesday in the provincial election.

Fortunately, the NDP have won anyway!


(I really do feel guilty about not voting. How can I be (annoyingly?) opinionated about everything if I don't do what I say we all should do? Argh.)

P.S. This is also really cool: Record number of female MLAs elected


Ian said...

Not to make you feel worse or anything, but you don't even need a card anymore. All you need is ID.

Elliot said...

I forgot to vote, too. And I even had a card. I was resolved to go after work. At 10:00 that night I was working around the house and suddenly realized - hey! I didn't vote!!

But the NDP MLA I was going to vote beat his nearest opponent by 2000 votes in any case.

Anactoria said...

Argh! I didn't know you didn't need the card or I would have gone!

Well, at least I know now. Thanks, Ian!

I think our NDP MLA won too, but that doesn't make me feel less guilty because at the time we had no idea what the outcome would be...