Monday, November 13, 2006

'The Revenge of Ned Flanders'

"If you win by moral values, you can also die by moral values. By courting conservative Christians with a family values agenda, Republicans set themselves up as the party of superior morality. And when their glass house started to crumble, the very voters they had worked so hard to become active participants in the democracy turned on them."
The BBC reports on the swift change in American power

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Elliot said...

That article seems basically sound to me. That's why all the fear-mongering about American theocracy was unconvincing for me. American evangelicals are too individualistic to be held together for long, and their set of values are a two-edged sword to anyone who wants to wield them.

"People in the bible belt are often stereotyped as being monolithic - just blindly following their leaders. But I think the stereotype is wrong. They voted Democratic in several presidential elections - helping both Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to become President."

The Southern connection is important there too.