Sunday, November 19, 2006

The strains of "O Canada" being sung in a shrill female voice can be heard emanating from our living room. In the kitchen Colin stands pounding t-bone steaks with a hammer. J and A relax on our new couch with beer in hand.

That's right - its Grey Cup Sunday.

The biggest hockey night in the world, or so I'm told.

And once my baked ziti has finished... baking, I'm taking off for a Social Justice/Buy-Nothing-Day- potluck-party-meeting.

Perfect timing if you ask me...


Anactoria said...

(I know its actually a football game but all week I've been saying 'hockey' to throw people off - its been hilarious. :P)

Anonymous said...

Hush now.

Your repentant consumerist day just happens to fall on my -what-the-hell-just-spend-it- day.

Elliot said...

I liked your 'I wonder who won? The Jets?' quip. It made me laugh.

Anactoria said...

I aim to please! ;o)

(Well, not usually but sometimes...)