Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bhutan - Where the GNP is measured in happiness

(When I first took the intro course to International Development, our fantastic professor directed us towards at least one interesting website, magazine, organization, or project per week. One week he told us about the Developments magazine that's published in the UK by the DFID. Its a quarterly magazine and I've been subscribing for 3 years now. I've found the magazine to be a bit biased in its perspective at times; or should I say, very narrowly focused - its purpose seems to be first and foremost to show how great the UK's DFID is doing. But even so, its a very nicely put together magazine (and by that I mean, lots of pictures!) and it's a great way of finding out about all sorts of neat little projects going on in the IDS field worldwide. And its free! England delivers me mail for free! Yay!)

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