Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jodie Foster speaks out in defense of Mel Gibson

I think the way so many are not only shunning Gibson but publicly condemning him because of this incident is disgusting.

Again, why do we think we have the right? Where is the forgiveness? Who is this man to us? He's not our father or brother or husband. He's not a member of our community. He's simply an actor, an artist. Why do we expect his life to be an open book to us? Why do we expect him to be a model of virtue? What right do we, who are at most his fans, have to feel 'disappointment'?

Mel Gibson doesn't owe us anything.

It wouldn't matter to me if it had been Mel Gibson or George Bush who'd made those comments - my initial reaction would still be wary doubt over the sincerity of the words. What a person says when intoxicated... while we should not perhaps just forget it completely, cannot be held up as a true reflection of a person's heart.

Alcohol is not a truth serum.


Elliot said...

Hurray for Jodie Foster! As far as I know, her opinions on most things are very different from Gibson's. But she obviously doesn't let that get in the way of their friendship and her opinion of him.

Anactoria said...

Sounds familiar. :P

Elliot said...

Are you saying I'm like Mel Gibson and you're Jodie Foster? You wish! :-P

Anactoria said...

Hey! I am so totally Jodie Foster! :P