Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lady In The Water may be considered a "flop" by Critics but I loved it - imperfections (which there were, of course) and all.

M. Night may have yet to get it perfectly down pat, but I think he is definitely getting closer to It as he goes along.

(And that's more then can be said for most movie-makers... right?)

It reminded me of a crazy day dream - and by that I mean a dream that you dream in the day, half-waking, strange and surreal.

A little like a Gene Wolfe short story or a Neil Gaiman book (a la American Gods maybe...).

I think the little tripline "A Bedtime Story" sums it up perfectly: you need to be on the brink of sleep to appreciate this one - to have it scare you and to believe in it.

Oh, and the promo poster is... totally inaccurate in what its supposed to inspire in your imagination, in my opinion. It makes me think... winter, ice, fairies, magic. Look at it - you'd think she was Queen Jadis or something!




Elliot said...

See how I liked The Village, I guess I should give LitW a try.

Greg said...

I was sort of looking forward to it, but everything I've read about it has made it sound absolutely awful. And I don't just mean the critics either...your post has been the first positive thing I've heard. I'll wait and see E&R's review...if they like it I'll go. Meanwhile, I think I'll go see The Night Listener. I love Robin Williams, but his good movies are too few and far between!