Friday, August 04, 2006

I was feeling a bit discouraged earlier because this afternoon I went down to the UofW to drop 2 of my 3 Fall courses. The reason for that is: my work sucks, they're not letting us do trades, and so there's no point taking 3 classes if I won't be able to make it to any of them.

I decided to drop Human Security Issues and Intro to Sociology and stick with Intro to Conflict Res. The 6 credits from the CR course can go straight towards my IDS degree plus it probably won't be as difficult a class as HSI would have been.

Then I went down to Don's to pickup some wedding photos... and I ran into Megan!

(Megan taught Elliot and I Restorative Justice last term.)

She had just returned from the Congo yesterday and was looking very happy and excited. She and her mom had gone down there for a week with a group of people from the UofW and Menno-Simons to act as international observers in the recent elections. She was full of stories of what they'd seen - riots in the street on the day before the election, for one.

Darnit, she told me a bunch of great stories but I seem to have forgotten them all... ah, well, maybe they'll come back to me later.

The great and cheery thing that I learned is that Megan's teaching Intro to Conflict Res this term at the UofW on Thursday nights! So I'm going to switch my slot from Wednesday to Thursday night. She's a great prof - very young but with an amazing amount of travel and life experience and a very charming way of 'lecturing.'

Now I'm excited about school again! Yay!

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If it weren't a karate night I'd totally be there.