Thursday, April 26, 2007

as it's said

i buried my sense of wonder
under the old apple tree,
in the backyard
you know, the one that got cancer and grew all those grotesque lumps and bumps
that we worshiped, as faces of the tree or of the cancer
depending on our mood
my mood needs to regrow (i am more than ready)
instead of cancerous outbursts of bark it seems to have caved in on itself
i'm going to look for my sense of
my senses
and this time i'll refuse to show

to any kids next door, three blocks down, or across the bridge
i won't be shamed or shammed into hiding [it] under stupid old trees
that never existed but might as well have
as it's said

K.J. Grey


fakeplasticstars said...

i deleted all that stuff for a *reason!*

and are you sure i said "shamed or shammed?!?" what a god awful line!!!!!!!!!!

Anactoria said...

Well, that's what my records indicate. :P

Hmm... Maybe you should have just said "shamed."

But I didn't notice that slight imperfection until you pointed it out.