Sunday, April 15, 2007

Overdue Balance Sheet

Forgot to mail my letter to my friend Death
lost my pocketbook
took a lot of turns too sharply to the left
caught cold caught hot caught tepid caught fire caught nothing
skidded on an ice patch
had to chase from one place to another
screwed up (got control in time)
hit the jackpot in matters of sheer idiocy
buried a cat I wrapped in the morning paper
was ashamed
was brave
was down and out
talked too much heard too much
tore my life to shreds
burned a hole in my pantsuit with a cigarette
and all at once caught sight of night.

Therese Plantier


this single spark said...

Hee! I posted this poem once! One of my faves. Often seems to be a fairly accurate description of my life, minus the ciggie part, of course.

By the way, done! done! done! and handing in thesis this morning. Haven't slept for 27 hours, so I'm a bit giddy.

Anactoria said...

You know... I was wondering where I'd gotten that poem from. I think I stole it from you! :P

I like it a lot, too (obviously).

Congratulations on finishing your thesis! Wow! I hope you're slumbering right now as your just reward.

So, I'm kind of confused though - was this your BA thesis (I didn't know you had to have a BA thesis!!) or is it a Master's thesis??

this single spark said...

BA Honours program. They have thesis component because basically, they're expecting you'll go further. So this is a mini-thesis to prep students for grad school. By "mini" I mean, about 45-50 pages long, has to include original reseach, need to go throught the proposal stage and get ethics approval. So not a long as a master's thesis and I don't have to defend. Thank goodness! But still a lot of work, and I'm exhausted. Though 13 hours of sleep helped!