Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Quick Update

School is over. I finished my paper last Monday - the title was "In South Africa, to Forgive is Human" - and have been in recovery every since. I'm really going to miss that class. We started off a motley bunch but by the end - as is her usual style - Megan had miraculously turned us into a cohesive group of friends (or, close acquaintances who cared about each other at least). After much talk, we reached a consensus and chose to hold our last class at the Olive Garden. We were there for over three hours. Highlights included: Ron sneaking all of the leftover breadsticks into his take-out container (oh, and introducing me to his wife via cell phone - we'd been joking about what sort of a woman she must be to have married him), Cathy giving a sweet teary-eyed speech about how much she was going to miss all of us and calling Steve "the quirky one" (and believe it or not, me "the compassionate one" *cough*), and a group picture in which we posed as Jesus and the disciples from The Last Supper (at least, we tried to).

Now that I don't have anything to worry about, my brain has shut down in anticipation of our Disney trip (we leave May 5; no, Paul didn't quite persuade me out of it). As part of the whole brain-shut-down thing, I've been doing fun things. Like watching the amazingly fantastic Gilmore Girls (although, I'm trying not to rush through them too fast) and reading Tam Lin and drinking homemade wine and eating tofu-turkey (a.k.a. Herbert the Coconut) on Easter Sunday and watching A Streetcar Named Desire (I liked it as much as one can like a tragedy).

I've also been panicking a bit over the fact that the trip is so soon and have been considering pulling out the suitcases to begin preliminary packing. But that would be a little obsessive, I guess. Wouldn't it? (Jared - put the suitcases back in the closet when you get home.)

Funny enough, the second thing I'm excited about next to Disney is going to school... in a church. Yes, really - I'm excited about going to summer school.) I'm going to be taking Creative Tools for Social Change on Sunday afternoons starting April 22; its a cross-listed course for International Development and Conflict Resolution through Menno-Simmons/UofW. The class is going to be held at Augustine United in Osborne Village which, besides being a beautiful building, is located a very convenient distance from french toast (Stella's) and sushi (Wasabi)... if I don't feel too guilty after my class to consume such treats, that is. I'm also excited about the instructors. One is a pastor at Augustine and the other is a prof at the UofW who comes very highly recommended.

P.S. I guess I should specify that the homemade wine was not homemade by me, but rather by an Italian friend.

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Elliot said...

Awww... Megan's classes ARE awesome friendship formers...