Sunday, April 29, 2007

Disiri of the Aelf

Her laugh was like nothing on earth. It was as if there were golden bells hanging among the flowers through a forest of the loveliest trees that could ever be, and a wind sighing there was ringing all the bells. When I could open my eyes again, I whispered, "Who are you? Really?"

"She you called." She smiled, not trying to hide her eyes anymore. Maybe a leopard would have eyes like those, but I kind of doubt it.

"I called Seaxneat's wife Disira. You aren't her."

"I am Disiri the Mossmaiden, and I have kissed you."

I could still feel her kiss, and her hair smelled of new-turned earth and sweet smoke.

"Men I have kissed cannot leave until I send them away."

I wanted to stand up then, but I knew I could never leave her. I said, "I'm not a man, Disiri, just a kid."

by Gene Wolfe
(p. 57)


TheBrightGreySpot said...

I'm working on the narration of this book for the CNIB right now. I'm having way too much fun with it. :)

Anactoria said...

Its such a good book! :)

I assume you're having great fun doing the voices?

TheBrightGreySpot said...

I have been having way too much fun doing them! Hopefully I will get to show it to you when it's done.